Faro was founded to solve one problem – help brands retain their customers.

You may say – they are my customers already. What more do I need to do?

Why, yes! You see, getting a customer to stay with your brand is hard. Just because they made one purchase doesn’t mean they are going to be a lifelong customer. Your competition is one click away. Everyday more choices are available.

So, what do you end up doing? Spend money re-acquiring the customers from media platforms or try to reach them using ad platforms across the internet. You leverage these platforms' scale in users, data, and interactions and their ability to infer intent using ML. But, why can't you do it yourself? Even if you don't have the scale of users & data, you do have one thing that theplatforms don't: INTENT. You don't need to infer ⏤ customers are on your site because they already have some affinity to your brand & products. How can you unleash this intent?

This is where Faro's Generative AI based engagement comes in. Taking  your intent-rich data, Faro creates personalized engagement. Using all available signals from the consumer’s context (location, time, content, etc.), history (interactions, purchases), and declared data, Faro creates a private, prompt-less Generative AI based engagement. This is a powerful new way for you to engage users on your own sites & apps driving business outcomes.

With Faro, you can create or augment content & interactions with which you engage customers. Whether its text / image / video for use in promotions, offers, or surveys, Faro gives you a Generative AI copilot to scale your content. In addition, the on-device personal copilot for users helps personalize every user's interaction without explicitly programming it. Faro also provides a gamification layer with branded badges & collectibles to incentivize profitable engagement. With a branded mobile pass in iOS & Android wallets, you can stay connected with your consumers with timely & relevant notifications. With Faro, you have an omni-channel engagement solution optimized for customer retention.

Our pricing is straightforward. You pay us for results.  Our SaaS fees are directly tied to us driving engagement for your brand. We are transparent on any costs, which we will pass on to you. And, you can deploy the Faro solution very easily ⏤ we can create a full-stack solution or you can embed an SDK on your site/app. Either way, you can be up & running in matter of days.

Come work with us. Take your engagement game to the next level. Be part of the AI revolution that's changing how we create and use technology to solve real-world business problems.