Engage. Retain. Grow.

Leverage Generative AI to deliver personalized customer engagement and to maximize retention.

Your customers are already telling you everything you need to know when they visit your site/app, interact with your content, and make purchases. Unleash that intent with the power of Generative AI. Bring them back for more and drive business outcomes.

Engagement. Re-imagined.

Create or augment your content & interactions with Generative AI. Personalize engagement to drive business objectives.

Your Data. Your AI Agent.

Get the most out of your data with a GenAI copilot that is tuned to your brand to every user.

Personalized Content.

On-device agent that activates your templates with GenAI while ensuring brand safety.

Drive Engagement.

Scale the offerings to enable a variety of interactions ⏤ optimized for retention.

Copilot for you. And, for your users.

Get the most out of your brand & product assets. Create or augment with Generative AI ⏤ faster. And, let your users do their own personalization.

Reduce time to market.

With our no-code platform, you can be up and running in minutes.  

Give users control.

A simple, prompt-less personal assistant that learns with every user interaction.

Unlimited scale.
Limited spend.

Leverage the power of Generative AI to give you so many more options than before. Compete with the biggest competitors. And, reduce your spend at the same time.

Scale your content & interactions.

Text / Image / Video. Promotions / Sweepstakes / Surveys. With simple prompts...or none at all.

Greater efficiency directly on your site / app.

Reduce your media spend and your operational budgets at the same time.

Your Brand.
Your Destination.

Engage the audience on your site. An always-on, one-stop destination for your customers. Reduce your spend on Social Media & Ad Platforms.

Private & Secure

Keep the data on your site and on-device with your users.

Always-on. Relevant.

Generative AI tuned to your brand's style. Engages users on every interaction.

Frequently Asked


Who is Faro for?

Web3 offers a unique opportunity for companies to turn collectors of their tokens to loyal customers. Any company can use Faro to leverage Web3 to reimagine their loyalty programs. If you engage with customers across the web, mobile and in physical locations, contact us to enable Faro’s next-gen loyalty programs for your customers.

What wallets do I need to use?

We make it easy with an email-based wallet powered by Magic. Your customers never need to deal with having crypto-currencies to acquire your tokens.

We also support Metamask. We will be adding other crypto-wallets soon.

What is gasless minting or claiming?

Gasless minting or claiming means that you can acquire the tokens without paying any transaction fees. We enable the token issuer to pay for the transaction so you, the consumer, never have to deal with crypto. 

Do I need ETH or MATIC to transact?

Yes. To deploy your Smart Contract and mint the tokens, you have to use either ETH (for Ethereum blockchain) or MATIC (for Polygon blockchain). We enable gasless claiming for your customers by paying transaction fees on your behalf.

Do my customers need any cryptocurrency to access my tokens?

No. When you use Faro-deployed contracts, your customers never need to use cryptocurrency to get your tokens. With our Mint contracts, you can transfer the tokens to your customers where you pay the gas fees. With our Drop contracts, when the token price is zero, the tokens can be claimed without any gas fees. We enable the gasless claiming on your behalf.

Maximize your reach with gasless transactions for your customers.

Can I use OpenSea and other marketplaces as well?

Yes. OpenSea and marketplaces are great for enabling re-sales of your tokens. You can always import your contract from OpenSea and others into Faro and connect the Faro Passport to your tokens.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Faro for?

Any company can use Faro to re-invent their loyalty programs. If you engage with customers across the web, mobile and in physical locations, contact us to enable Faro’s next-gen loyalty programs for your customers.

Do I have to write any code?

No. Absolutely no code required. You can focus on your business outcomes, while we take care of the technology.

My company uses a CRM system for our Engagement Program. Can Faro integrate?

Yes. We know you have investments in managing your customer retention & engagement programs and CRM. Faro’s goal is to connect with various systems so you can seamlessly extend your reach. Contact us for more information.

My company works with a Point of Sale system. Can Faro work with that?

Yes. We recognize that you want to have a seamless experience for your customers – our goal is to connect with your Point of Sale systems, where we can. We also have a mobile web app that allows you to trial custom experiences while we integrate into your systems.

Do my customers need to download a mobile app?

No. Faro does not require users to download apps. We work directly with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, obviating the need for a mobile app. However, we can integrate with a mobile app, if you have one.

Can you integrate into my app?

Yes. We can integrate into your mobile app. However, certain functionalities might be restricted based on conditions set by iOS & Android.

Still have a question?

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